Prof Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Prof Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Sharing simple tasks great concepts with Prof Dr APJ Abdul Kalam…. on 11th August 2012… a memorable experience… 🙂


About simple tasks great concepts

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2 Responses to Prof Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

  1. debnath says:

    Sir, We are generating hundred of tons of wast daily through out India, why these waste can not be used for manufacturing Bio gas. I think by using these wast we will be reducing polluting rivers and lands of India. Our scientist are having solution for many things but implementation seems to be very limited. Reasons may be acceptance for change/develomment/implementation by the authority is poor.

    • You are right. even amongst the biodegradable all cannot go into biogas generation due to its low calorific value. Much of the organic waste in our country including the markets gets trampled and squashed by the time it reaches the biogas plant. Yes a combined strategy should work. Biogas of good organic waste with calorific values, the rest through composting. This is possible. Negligence and noncooperation from public also there. its easier to do composting in decentralized situations such as homes itself than in a centralised facility as it needs space. wish you all the best. kindly check on our website for the procedures

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