Simple Tasks Great Concepts

making life science learning livelier

Concept: Dr. D. K. Pandey, Ph.D

Scientist “E”

Rashtriya Vigyan Evam Prodyogiki Sanchar Parishad (NCSTC),

Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi 110016

Coordinator: Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Ph.D., D.Sc.,

Managing Director,

Ecoscience Research Foundation, Palavakkam, Chennai 600041


About simple tasks great concepts

a teacher...
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  1. Amina says:

    Congrats prof this is a wonderful effort and lots more to this is your time , this is a great contribution to youngsters like us and an inspiration to all of us.
    God bless you and your family .
    These experiments will remain forever now and this is what you have given to the world and in return you get back your love for nature.

    • thanks a lot amina… most of this is possible because of your guidance….

      • Amina says:

        welcome prof !
        Its all your effort and no guidance from me , just gave u a thought being a bit selfish here that these experiments reach out all around the world for people who are nuts like me 🙂
        and also some interesting kids like my son who has this blog as his opening page on his desktop and watches the animations tries doing the experiments on his own …
        Thankz a lot prof for this wonderful effort .

  2. Indhu says:

    Great Effort Sir

    Cetailnly we and our futrure generation will be benifited with the outcome of your simple tasks

    Congratulations for the whole team for their contribution…….indeed an greatest inspiration for me sir……

  3. jai says:

    Dear Sir,
    It was pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed the experiments.It was really motivating that even few children who cannot afford performing the experiments as they have no laboratory at schools or due to lack of apparatus would be able to perform practiclas at a very low cost and they would understand it beeter by performing it better.

  4. karthik m says:

    congrats sir,
    Each and everything was ended in a good way in our workshop,the participants and we also learned alot from you sir,
    thank you sir

  5. Parvez says:

    “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
    joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
    Albert Einstein

    I believe this book will create a huge amount of creativity and fun in learning for all the students.It contains all the thoughts to kindle knowledge of young minds.We had great time in the workshop sir and congrats to all the members who made this to sucess…

    My sincere thanks to all the resource team and to you sir……


    Respected Sir,

    I have attedned the workshop on Simple task: Great concepts, that was organised by you. Realy, it was a rare to rare work shop, that I have attended before. You have touched all the 100 experiments. All the experiments are really very simeple, which donot require an lab. Now am I am implementing the experiments im my school. I have discussed with the Offices of Govt. of Orissa. They have gone the book “Simple task: Great concepts”, that have made by you. Very soon we are going to arrange the same work shop in Orissa. Dr. R. N. Ray has given his pleasure request to invite as Chief Guest in that work shop.

    Really, You have done a great task to make life Science life.
    Girija Sankar Mahapatra, Orissa, 09437516111.


      really it is great job for rural students.

    • Thanks a lot Mr Mahapatra and wish you all the best. Our team has been pleased to have you with us in the workshop.


        Respected Sir,

        I have done 21 experiments of the book “SIMPLE TASKS :GREAT CONCEPTS” in my school. My students are highly interested to see you in Orissa.

        We are there before you to make your hard and sincere job, fruitful.

        Thanks a lot to God, that I was a participant of the workshop. Kindly convey good wishes to your all team members.


  7. b s balachandran says:

    As usual yr lecture today addressed to the school children @ CICS was really excellent with lot of videos and animation which were really thought provoking. Pls contnue yr services to the society. thank u

    • thanks immense and i sincerely appreciate your wishes. the blog should be updated soon. Dr Amina who has been greatly instrumental in creating the blog and also teaching me how to do upload and update these (i am a novice to blogging) had taken a break… she would be able to assist me soon in this and we look fwd that the blog should be updated complete for the benefit of children next academic year.

  8. Jumana Quilonwala says:

    As the new academic year is round the corner, sir, please ensure that the book reaches
    teachers and students far and wide. It will unlock many restricted minds and widen perspectives and sow the seeds of knowledge for budding scientists. With you in all your endeavours .

  9. Jumana Quilonwala says:

    Please , sir, can i request you to conduct a combined workshop, of teachers and students, on STGC at our school ? I am sure it will have THE IMPACT !!!!

  10. Smitha Manidharan says:

    Hi Sir,
    I think this is a great site that promotes scientific thinking amongst even a lay person.100 PPT presentations carrying some very basic concepts which are used unknowingly in lab have suddenly become so important!
    Some of the slides have thoughts that i have never imagined and are extremely new 2 me. They shed light not only 2 students but also 2 a person who has to deal with them on a daily basis.
    I really admire you for your initiative to bring such facts on a visual platform.Thank you very much for being a breather amongst a confused world. Wish you all the best.

  11. Wishes of new year to all the members of the team and viewers. it has been about an year this blog was born , and has received universal appreciation, reaching around 6,661 visitors till date, our dream of reaching out to students and teachers around the globe. When dr amina ather sketched out this blog about a year ago we had not thought of the popularity it has received. our vision and mission continues and I as coordinator request the members of the team individually to carry this work further… independently to children around the globe. wish you all all the best… i am now a senior citizen and volunteer to take a back seat… in peace.

  12. srikala says:


    Just thrilled to see simple tasks great concepts site ! Just mailing you immediately after going through the experiments! What a great contribution you have made for all of us Sir! Brilliant Efforts Sir!

    I don’t know how I had missed this all these days. Anyway I am very happy to see it now ,so many simple , fun and concept based experiments designed by you Sir. Really an inspiration to me and I am enthusiastic to reach out to teach different children science through these experiments . I am also planning to pass it on Vedika volunteers to take a look at the experiments and understand how science can be learnt with so much fun and in a simple way and also encourage them to mentor children from even less privileged background!

    You are truly a humane scientist sir! You have left a treasure for us and many more young budding scientists.

    Keep inspiring and motivating us Sir!

  13. Father John says:

    Dear Ismail ,
    this was my dream about 20 yrs ago to make science livelier and i am visualizing the dream which i dreamt as a reality here , making life science learning livelier – this is wonderful and i pray god this module reaches all around the corner of the world, i thank god for getting dr athar to introduce my dream , even if am may not be there i wish your team and you all the best and pray god that he gives you all the strength to spread this wonderful initiative across the globe.
    my wishes to one and all working for this initiative .
    Father John , Minister of Gendendal , Cape town , South Africa.
    5th February 2012

  14. ramesh says:

    this blog is very interesting and good one , the experiments are well , how can i join this activity i am from bangalore , is there any one at bangalore from the team whom i can reach . Ramesh

  15. senoreta says:

    Thank you very much sir tat u spent ur precious time with the students of CLUNY.Your seminar was very nice sir.I will surly try your projects and wil try my best to improve our INDIA and to make it better.Bohat bohat shukriya! Continue to spread more news sir…

  16. PRITHVI says:


  17. GOVARDAN says:



    very impressive job done by you sir

  19. aravindan says:

    Dear sir,
    IS it possible to have a copy of this book or ppt. Am really amazed after this. can you help me to encourage our children in Perambalur.

    • Dear Mr Aravindan
      Workshops for tamil nadu teachers are to be held at sacon coimbatore one each in aug, sept and oct. Kindly contact dr pramod ( whether the selections are complete or whether to be filled…

  20. Anand says:

    Dear Dr.Sultan,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thought this morning. You session has been highly educative and informative.

  21. abdul taher says:

    IInd Annual Science Lecture: Dr. Sultan Ismail in conversation with parents on “Making of a Scientist”
    November 10 at 10:30am
    14, Kalyani Nagar, Opposite Journalist’s Colony, Kottivakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041

  22. Gnanasivam says:

    I suluite u sir, u r a celebrity because u create a eco friendly environment for our next generation. Thank u

  23. Velayutham Ganesan says:

    Professor Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail has done a wonderful job to reconnect to the nature.What we feed to the plants and we will get back the same. i.e. garbage in and garbage out with living gold for plants by earthworms. We have to extend the extension activity by team. We have plenty of resources in nature.We can effectively recycle the same. Cow dung is very rich in nutrients. I am highly thankful to hear his lecture. Excellent one.

  24. Velayutham Ganesan says:

    Thanks Professor for your nice guidance and let me learn soon.Greetings. Please take care of your health. We can generate vermicasts by integrating all dairy farms in India. This is my future task for me.

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  27. murali says:

    I’m an engineer sir
    but I interested in nature agriculture cultivation and I have interested give to people for food cultulivation in nature,s method only thank u so much sir for your guidance I will make the farmer field in healthy environment
    do I need your help sir
    any further information updates please sir

  28. Thankyou sir for your guidance and motivation toward innovation in inspiring camp at sonepat you give me new boost to watch a problem which we can solve it. If we think with new angel.I already start working towards waste treament by verimitech. Take care sir for now own you are my role model thanks alot.

  29. DHANUSH says:


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